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One Day at a Thyme is a cozy, whimsical solo journaling game in which you play the inhabitant of a cottage in a magical world.

All you need is a six-sided die, a standard deck of playing cards, and of course, a journal and something to write with.

Web version of the rules is available here.

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🍂 There is now an expansion: One Night at a Thyme: Spooky Season.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
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AuthorJei D. Marcade
TagsFantasy, journaling, Singleplayer, Solo RPG, Tabletop role-playing game, writing


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This game is so cozy and peaceful! I've not played a lot of solo journaling games, but this one I occasionally leave open on my work computer and play between projects. It's so easy to get into, and easy to play with entirely digital tools. I love this game and recommend it to everyone.


 simple and very easy to get the ball rolling.  got lost in playing it for a while lol. i can be very image oriented sometimes [to the point where my main play style with journaling rpgs is to basically draw doodles and illustrations to tell the narrative] and the beginning bit that encourages the player to envision what their home looks like really helped. fantastic work!


I loved it ! Once you've decided where you live, it's easy enough to have the prompts just fill your house and your town and allow your imagination run free as you encounter them. Very cozy game that goes nicely with a cup of tea :)

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I've been toying with solo RPGs lately, exploring a few of them. This is the first one so far that has hit a good sweet spot for me. The prompts are broad, yet specific enough to get my imagination going, but it's not too rules dense as for me to feel lost in semantics. I've made myself a nice cottage at the bottom of a mountain and have made a few friends in the local town, including a large rabbit who lives in a pocket dimension/burrow. 

Would highly recommend if you want to get your creative juices flowing and wish to spend some time in a magical, cottagecore world.

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Like many others, I chose this as my first solo game. This was a pleasant experience, except that I didn't shuffle my deck enough (but that's on me). The prompts are so fun and whimsical, and every time I pulled a new one it almost immediately clicked. Also, thanks for having a web page version as well as a pdf! I don't see that a lot. Overall, great game!

I decided to use this game to get a better feel for a character who has been rolling around in my head for the last few weeks. I knew ahead of time that I was going to play for an in-game week and this, along with the game encouraging you not to pressure yourself into writing long entries all the time, made it extra enjoyable! 

The combination of prompts and rolls, along with an undetermined number of events happening per day, gave a nice sense of pacing to the week. If you have a few hours, One Day At A Thyme is a great way to spend some of them!

Howdy. This is pretty fun. Trying to inspire myself with these Journaling RPG's.

I was wondering, what

'K: Full portrait who travels through paintings' is supposed to refer to. 

I understand that it's up to interpretation, so, I've just been interpreting it as 'a painting is involved.' for simplicities sake.  

The 'traveling through paintings' part, I mostly ignore for now. :P 

This is also my first solo TTRPG and I am having so much fun playing this. I am going to try adding ONaaT: SS and play both day and night for a full session! Once I am done with fully playing I think I will switch out the lists with ones of my own so I can keep playing!! Thanks Jei D. M.!

This is my first solo TTRPG and I just finished my session. I wanted to go in casually, but somehow I ended up spending my entire evening doing just one session (Thanks to RNG luck, I drew 6 cards in my first day already lol) and I already can't wait to play more! I haven't written anything fully wholesome in a while, so this is a nice breather. Thank you for making and sharing this with us!


It just occurred to me that I never commented here, but this game literally got me into TTRPG design!

Not only was it my first solo game that I ever actually played, but it made me want to write my own. I started working right away on "Alone on the Wind", but I kept stumbling. I didn't know what I was doing, so I paused. I ended up making another game first, but that gave me the confidence to finish "Alone on the Wind". I cite "Alone Among the Stars" and "One Day at a Thyme" as equal inspirations.

I may have published "Dungeon Crashers" first, but this game making me want to write "Alone on the Wind" is what ignited my passion for writing games.

ANYWAY, I wrote a tumblr post shortly after playing my first session of "One Day at a Thyme", and I wanted to share it here:


Found the web version, and I loved it so much I had to share it with my friends!


i tried the game out for free, and it was so good, i had to come back and buy it. this is the best journaling game you can find for free, and it still stands out among other paid options that you can find. the game includes a wonderful starting scenario and starting materials, and you can add to it by using tarot cards and/or more items to discover from games like MTG or Pokemon


This game is awesome. It makes you feel wholesome and it is easy to be fully immersed into the world you create. 


This is the first solo journalling rpg I've tried and I'm loving it! I've played three in game days so far and encountered some fun characters and events and have surprised myself with the entries I've made. A little idea I had that others may like to try is putting some cards back into the deck if you want that neighbour, item etc to pop up again. I'm waiting for the parcel with no return address to come up again so I can see how my character resolves the situation I put her in when it first came up. Just a little idea! Now, back to playing.


I like that idea a lot and will try it in future games! Taking a page from After the Accident, I think I will also shuffle cards like that into say the top ten cards of the deck amd then stack 5 cards from under the deck on top, to get a sooner yet still unpredictable time of return.


That sounds like a great way of doing it! 

One of the coziest games I've ever played,  offering prompts that hit the sweet spot of being inspirational enough without restrictions, allowing you to create small stories for each day in the game. Some prompts especially are adorable. Relaxing and pleasant.

Also I use journaling games to practice Vietnamese and One Day at a Thyme is also great for this. I translated the title for myself as "Càng Ngày Càng Cây" which (1) rhymes and (2) means "day by day, tree by tree" (3) a play on the more usual phrase "càng ngày càng ngày". Translating the spirit of a pun is interesting.


This is an absolutely lovely game! Extremely peaceful and charming, it gave me a lot of inspiration after feeling stuck in my writing for weeks. My first solo journaling game, and I'm hooked.